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Carmella Defends Corey Graves’ Raw Walkout Comments

Carmella Corey Graves

Carmella spoke out in defense of her fiancé when Corey Graves had harsh words for Sasha Banks and Naomi on Monday Night Raw commentary.

On Monday night it was reported by PWInsider that the main event of Monday Night Raw had to be changed when Sasha Banks and Naomi left the arena ahead of the show due to Banks’ frustration over creative plans. The match in question was meant to be a six-pack challenge to determine the next contender for Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship and was set to feature Sasha Banks, Naomi, Becky Lynch, Nikki ASH, Doudrop, and the recently-returned Asuka.

According to the report, Banks met with Vince McMahon to express her creative concerns, but the WWE Chairman refused to change plans and she made the decision to walk out instead of participating in the match. Her tag team partner Naomi went with her, leading to a segment on the show where Becky Lynch confronted Adam Pearce and the main event was changed to Becky Lynch vs. Asuka, which Asuka eventually won.

In a rare move, WWE later released a statement on the conduct of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, and during the Raw broadcast, Corey Graves said on commentary that the two had “summarily and unprofessionally walked out.”

When one fan on social media told Corey Graves’ fiancée Carmella that she should “get [her] man,” the former Women’s Tag Team Champion responded in defense of her partner, saying that he was just doing his job and isn’t in control of everything he says on commentary.

“Imagine still living in a world where you think he just says whatever he wants. He does his job. Period.”

Many members of the wrestling world also reacted to the Raw walkout, and it remains to be seen what will happen with the Women’s Tag Team Championship as of this writing.