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Carmella Claims Liv Morgan Has Been “Deprived” In WWE

Carmella and Liv Morgan face to face in the ring

Carmella has spoken up for her colleague and rival Liv Morgan and admits to “frustration” at the time women’s matches have been given on SmackDown.

The self-proclaimed ‘most beautiful woman in WWE’ and Morgan have been locked in a feud that saw the two women face off in a one-on-one match at Extreme Rules in September. Liv Morgan won the match but the rivalry has not ended there.

In the first round of the Queen’s Crown Tournament, the two women locked horns once again this time with Carmella the victor and advancing in the tournament. However, she was defeated in the semi-finals by Zelina Vega following a distraction from Liv Morgan.

Speaking on the After the Bell podcast with her partner Corey Graves, Carmella sang Morgan’s praises and indicates the former Riott Squad member deserves more:

“Liv is a firecracker. She is so incredibly talented. Actually what I’m really, really proud of is our match at Extreme Rules. We had some time. And that is something that has been a root of frustration lately on SmackDown because SmackDown is a two-hour show.”

“So we don’t get a lot of time to show what we can do. So we finally have this PPV match and we had, I think, 10 minutes and we killed it. We had a great match, she won, and I was so happy for her. I think it’s her time and she has been kind of deprived this whole time.”

Carmella has also recently hit out at social media trolls saying the hate and threats she has to read directed at herself are “at an all-time high.”

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription