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Cardi B Reacts To Angel Garza Searching For Her On RAW

Cardi B

All the legends came out for WWE RAW Legends last night – and not just legends of the squared circle as Grammy Award winner and Triple-Platinum artist Cardi B would end up tweeting about the show – and her love of WWE when she was younger.

The WAP singer would get a mention on RAW as then-24/7 Champion Angel Garza was trying to give his rose to legends, with Torrie Wilson diverting the Lethal Lothario’s attention to a room where Cardi B was apparently residing. Of course, the room would contain nothing but a red light and WWE legend Boogeyman feasting on some worms. A shocked Garza would back out of the ring and be rolled up by R-Truth, who would then wander off with Torrie Wilson and Nikki Cross in celebration.

Well, the segment was enough to catch the attention of Cardi B, whose social media was seemingly flooded with wrestling fans asking her whereabouts.

After being told of her involvement, the rapper didn’t exactly sing, “I Like It” – saying she hadn’t watched for years – but did talk about being a wrestling fan as a kid, praising several WWE stars past and present – including “a sexy wrestler named Carmella” and Booker T, Triple H, Eddie Guerrero and others. While Daniel Bryan didn’t respond to the Yes star, the likes of Sasha Banks and Trish Stratus did!

Could we be seeing Cardi B swap Motorsport for the squared circle? Might we see the New York rapper in the Ring? Well, Cardi B did seem to say the Money could persuade her, responding to WWE fan and fellow musician Wale saying she was ready to pick up that WrestleMania cheque. Vince, better get reaching into that Money Bag!