Candice Michelle – “Vince’s Devils, The Playboy Matches, We Hated Doing”

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Former Raw Diva Search contestant Candice Michelle has opened up about the thing she hated doing most while a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar.

A former model and actress for publications and television shows such as Playboy, Hotel Erotica, Party of Five and Anger Management, Michelle first rose to professional wrestling prominence as an 2004 Raw Diva Search contestant.

Even though she wasn’t chosen to be a part of the final ten, Michelle was hired by the company under the gimmick of a make-up artist before graduating to lingerie shows and limbo dancing contests to titillate the male audience.

However, it was a part of the trio known briefly as Vince’s Devils – alongside Victoria and Torri Wilson – that Michelle first rose to fame between the ropes and it is this period of her career that she cites as hating most.

Speaking with The Dropkick Podcast, Candice Michelle orated her dislike for the time as one of Vince’s minions and especially the Playboy Matches she was required to participate in:

“Both Tori Wilson and Victoria are my dearest friends and my dearest friends to this day so working with them – you know, Vince’s Devils, the playboy matches – we hated doing but at the same time it was our era. It’s just what we did and what we were known for but then having that opportunity to work for House of Hardcore for my retirement match with Victoria, she’s an incredible wrestler. I feel like she’s been very underrated and I’m really happy she came back for that appearance on WWE.”

A former WWE Women’s Champion, Candice Michelle officially left the company in 2009 after shedding the image of a model and returning in 2019 for a one-off appearance where she captured the WWE 24/7 Championship before losing it to Alundra Blayze.

Credit for the interview: The Dropkick Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.