Candice Michelle Reveals Unique WWE Contract Clause

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Former WWE Women’s Champion, Candice Michelle, has revealed that throughout her stay with the company, she had a special clause in her contract that allowed her to pursue ventures outside the promotion.

As a former model, Michelle had zero experience in the professional wrestling industry when she applied to be on the 2004 Raw Diva Search. However, despite not being picked, she managed to land an on-screen role as a make-up artist before becoming more involved in the physical side of the industry.

Storylines with Torrie Wilson and Melina came and went as did a tale with the late Ashley Massaro where Candice took against the 2005 Raw Diva Search winner in a story of jealousy. Moved from Raw to SmackDown and back again in the forthcoming years, the talent shocked everyone when she pinned Melina to capture the WWE Women’s Championship at Vengeance: Night of Champions on June 24, 2007.

Beyond her exploits inside the ring, Candice Michelle was also prevalent cross other media including a famous GoDaddy commercial which brought her to a wider audience than just that of professional wrestling.

Now, the star who shared an on-screen smooch with Vince McMahon has sat down with The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast to talk about the unique clause in her WWE contract that allowed her to seek other opportunities while being a part of the main roster:

“So I had a clause in my contract which allowed me to do that [GoDaddy]. Because I was coming from Hollywood, I just had a different type of contract from the average wrestler who comes from the indie scene or comes from the wrestling school. My website was off-limits and certain things on there were off limits that they weren’t allowed to take away from me or have control over, and GoDaddy just happened to be one of those.”

Candice Michelle eventually lost the WWE Women’s Championship at No Mercy 2007 on October 7 to Beth Phoenix and was released from her WWE contract on June 19, 2009, after being drafted to but never appearing on SmackDown.

Since her departure, Michelle tried her hand on the independent circuit in 2017, returned to WWE for a one-off appearance at the 2019 Raw Reunion and has appeared in the ‘U Drive Me Loca’ music video. Since leaving the industry behind her, the star is now married with three daughters.

Credit for the interview: The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.