Candice Michelle On Advice She Received From John Cena

Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle broke into WWE after auditioning to be part of the 2004 Diva Search. She didn’t end up being part of the final ten on the show, but that didn’t stop the company signing her shortly after.

Although Michelle was hired during the height of the ‘Divas’ era in WWE, posing for Playboy in April 2006, she could soon also hold her own in the ring, receiving training from the likes of Arn Anderson. That training and hard work paid off when Michelle won the WWE Women’s Championship in 2007. In the process she became the first WWE Diva Search contestant to win the title.

Since leaving the company in 2009 following a series of injuries, Michelle has made appearances on the indies as well as returning to WWE in 2019 for the Raw Reunion, where she won the 24/7 Championship.

Speaking during a recent appearance on the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, Candice Michelle reflected on her loyalty to WWE and advice she was given by 16 time World Champion John Cena.

“I’ve always been very loyal to WWE,” said Michelle. “I’ve never taken anything personal. I remember talking to John Cena and he told me, ‘when you are starting to get noticed, get the fans to get behind you or hate you, you’ve done your job.’

When you get to that level, or creep in there, and then its taken away from you…it’s really hard. But I remember him [Cena] saying, ‘it’s a machine, it’ll go on with or without you.’”

Michelle went on to express how much she loves and appreciates being able to go back and make guest appearances.

“When I go back, I get to be a part of the circle. I love them there, they are my brothers and sisters. It’s a brotherhood there, I have a great relationship with everyone. And to take home the 24/7 Championship was awesome [sic]. Because when I went in there, I had no clue if I was gonna be featured or whether they want me back. My mindset was, I’m just gonna show up for me.”

Candice Michelle was originally advertised to appear on WWE Legends Night in January, but didn’t end up appearing on the show, explaining that she had been falsely promoted.

Reflecting further on her initial run in WWE, Michelle also went into detail about her issues with former Women’s Champion Melina. Revealing that the two went from almost getting into a shoot fight to building a level of respect after working together years later.

You can watch the full interview in the video above, with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.