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Candice LeRae Destroys Shotzi Blackheart’s Tank

Candice LeRae Thumb

Candice LeRae took a measure of revenge on Shotzi Blackheart for her actions at NXT Halloween Havoc when she destroyed her tank.

Appearing on the big screen during Blackheart’s tussle with Toni Storm, LeRae – who was accompanied by the mysterious Ghostface – provided enough of a distraction for the Australian to pick up the victory and then committed a heinous act against NXT’s ‘Wicked Sister.’

Forcing the jade haired heroine to watch helplessly, LeRae ran over the tank with spiteful joy as Shotzi screamed as if she’d just witnessed a member of her family struck down.

The act was of course one of revenge from Mrs. Gargano and Ghostface for Shotzi’s actions during the NXT Women’s Championship Match at NXT Halloween Havoc last week.

During that bout which saw LeRae challenge Io Shirai in a Tables, Ladders and Scares Match, Blackheart dropped her role of host in favour of action when Ghostface became involved in the bout.

Having already cost Damian Priest to the NXT North American Championship, Ghostface hoisted LeRae onto their shoulders and walked her up the ladder to certain victory. That was when Blackheart acted.

Racing to the ring, the former EVOLVE star pursued both up the rungs, caught the masked assailant on her shoulders and dropped them with an electric chair which allowed Shirai to retain her championship.

The bad blood between Shotzi Blackheart and Candice LeRae seems to be ongoing and with the stage being set for NXT’s next TakeOver event, there seems no better dais on which put this rivalry to bed.

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