“Can You Roll Me A Joint?” – Rob Van Dam Recalls Former WWE Star’s Hilarious Reaction To Botched Spot

Rob Van Dam RVD

Rob Van Dam is a well-known advocate for cannabis use, and this reputation led to a hilarious reaction between himself and former Intercontinental Champion Test, real name Andrew Martin.

Speaking in a recent interview on Rene Dupree’s podcast Cafe de Rene, Van Dam opened up about his relationship with the late star, saying that while they didn’t get off on the best foot to begin with due to a botched spot in a match, they ended up getting along.

“The first night I met him I worked with him, busted him open, and he was mad, but I just kind of shut that down. And then he ended up being really cool towards the end there in ECW. I liked him a a lot.

“I remember one time, because the first time I worked him, he kept storming through the dressing room afterwards, storming through [imitates angry noises] ‘F***! F***!’ And he would just, you know. And after a while, I was like, ‘I gotta say something to this guy. He’s so dramatic.”

After one of Dupree’s co-hosts imitated what Test may have sounded like asking Van Dam to ease up on the kicks, RVD continued, explaining what spot went wrong in their match to cause Test to be so angry.

“Well anyway, I went up to him, and the thing was, he didn’t want to do anything hardcore and I had the Hardcore belt. So before the match he was, ‘We don’t have to, just because it’s a Hardcore Championship match doesn’t mean we have to do hardcore,’ you know, and I was like, [shrugs].

“I really fought to get this one little spot, all you gotta do is stand there, I want to do a moonsault off the guardrail or whatever onto him. And when I did, our heads collided so hard, it was so hard, BAM! Because I had everything going into it, so yeah, afterwards he was pissed.”

Test Had A Unique Solution To Solve His Problems With Rob Van Dam

Van Dam said that he felt he needed to talk to Test, and that the star had a humorous suggestion as to how to cool tensions after he’d been angrily storming around backstage.

“But after we talked, afterwards he was storming through getting madder, and so I just went up to him and went ‘Dude, you alright or what? I already told you I’m sorry,’ and he goes, ‘F***, just, uh…’ he goes ‘Man, can you roll me a joint?!”

In 2006, RVD was arrested for cannabis possession while he was the reigning WWE Champion, a mistake that Jim Ross has called “selfish” in the past.

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