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Cameron Grimes Now Forced To Be LA Knight’s Butler

Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes will be pulling double duty going forward as NXT’s crypto-king has a new role as Million Dollar Champion LA Knight’s personal butler.

Knight and Grimes faced off once again after their feud involving Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase continued at NXT The Great American Bash. Knight put his Million Dollar Title on the line with the stipulation that if Grimes lost he had to become Knight’s new butler.

In a back and forth contest LA Knight thought he had won the day when he dropped Cameron Grimes with a DDT on the Million Dollar Title belt at ringside. Grimes would not be counted out as he made it back into the ring. Knight then nailed the BFT on Grimes to claim another victory over him.

The two men’s troubles with one another began after nouveau riche Cameron Grimes flaunted his newfound wealth from savvy stock investing and buying all the cryptocurrency he could get his hands on. Grimes may have felt like he was headed straight to the moon but came crashing back to earth after repeated run-ins with WWE’s original Million Dollar Man.

DiBiase then re-introduced the Million Dollar Title into the equation after over a decade of inactivity. Knight wanted the jewel-encrusted belt for himself and so met Grimes in a ladder match for the title at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. LA Knight came out on top of that contest, retrieving the security case that housed the invaluable belt.

In a coronation ceremony on the following episode of NXT on USA, Knight graciously accepted the title from DiBiase before turning on him and laying him out in the ring. Thankfully for the WWE Hall Of Famer, Cameron Grimes soon came to his aid and chased off Knight.

This led to the match at The Great American Bash with Grimes having to accept being Knight’s butler in the event he lost. Grimes won’t be the first butler to serve a Million Dollar Champion. DiBiase used to be accompanied by his own servant, wrestling superstar Virgil. The two seemed to have a close bond forged over DiBiase’s riches until Virgil decided his dignity was worth more, splitting with DiBiase and eventually defeating him to become only the second Million Dollar Champion.