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Cameron Grimes Finally Wins The Million Dollar Championship

Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes is finally the Million Dollar Champion!

After initially being denied at TakeOver: In Your House and then again at The Great American Bash, Grimes has finally got his hands on the prized championship. With his second defeat to LA Knight, Grimes had been forced to be the champion’s butler, much to his own disgust.

At the start of the match, Grimes put his butler’s uniform into a trash can before revealing his new Million Dollar Man-inspired ring gear.

Heading into the clash at TakeOver: 36 it was announced that if Grimes lost, his mentor Ted DiBiase would move into his role as Knight’s butler. As it turned out, it was DiBiase who made sure that the stipulation wouldn’t come to pass as he laid out Knight with a right hand before locking in the Million Dollar Dream with Grimes distracting the referee.

With Knight stunned, Grimes hit the Cave-In to grab the win.

Ted DiBiase debuted on NXT in April where he engaged in a feud with Cameron Grimes. This led to a match between Grimes and LA Knight for the Million Dollar Championship at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. While Knight was overjoyed to win the belt and the right to continue DiBiase’s legacy, he later turned on the Hall of Famer.

This in turn led to Grimes and DiBiase joining forces. While the partnership had to wait for success, DiBiase now watches on proudly as Grimes carries on his million dollar legacy.