Cain Velasquez Potentially Facing Multiple Decades In Prison

Cain Velasquez

Following his arrest in the alleged shooting of a man in California, Cain Velasquez could face decades in prison for multiple charges being brought against him.

Reports emerged late on February 28th that former WWE star and UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez had been arrested in connection to an alleged shooting that took place near Monterey Highway and Bailey Avenue in Morgan Hill, CA.

Soon after his arrest, more details emerged, with another report stating that he was being charged for attempted murder and was being held without bail in the Santa Clara County Jail in San Jose. A court date is scheduled for March 2nd.

Another report shed more light on the potential reason behind the shooting, alleging that Cain Velasquez had shot at a man who had recently been charged with molesting a close relative. In the incident, the man’s step-father was shot and taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Having obtained court documents related to the incident, TMZ now confirms some of these details and provides some updates related to the case. The new report states that Velasquez was following 43 year old Harry Goularte, who allegedly molested what documents call a “close relative,” along with his mother and stepfather.

According to the report, Cain Velasquez, driving a black Ford F-250 truck, then allegedly shot multiple times into the Chevy Silverado being driven by Goularte’s stepfather. Authorities state that Velasquez allegedly also rammed into the Silverado before firing more shots, and then left the scene after authorities were notified. He was reportedly pulled over and arrested without issue.

The court documents also state that a 40-caliber semi-automatic handgun was found in Velasquez’s car along with ammunition, and that eight rounds appeared to be missing.

TMZ notes that there are ten charges being brought against Velasquez, including first degree attempted murder, multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and shooting at an occupied motor vehicle. If he is convicted on all charges, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion could face decades in prison.

Cain Velasquez became UFC Heavyweight Champion when he defeated current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in the octagon in 2010. Velasquez made his wrestling debut in 2019 for AAA and within two months was a part of WWE and once again squared off with The Beast Incarnate at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

Velasquez wrestled one more match for the company on a live event in Mexico City where he teamed with Humberto Carrillo to defeat The OC in tag team action. He was released from the company as part of budget cuts in April 2020.

The star later returned to AAA, making his most recent appearance at Triplemania Regia on December 4th, where he teamed with Psycho Clown and Pagano to defeat LA Park and Los Mercenarios.