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Butch Claims Current AEW Stars Inspired His Current Character

Butch aka Pete Dunne

Two current AEW roster members inspired Butch for his change of character on WWE’s main roster.

Before Butch arrived on SmackDown, he was “The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne. He won the NXT United Kingdom Championship from Tyler Bate at NXT TakeOver: Chicago and held onto the title for 685 days. His wrestling ability and straight man persona has defined his career thus far, but the man behind the impressive UK Championship reign relishes in a change of character.

Speaking to The Metro in the U.K., “The Bruiserweight” discussed his transformation into Butch and called it “refreshing.” He added that after being a serious wrestler for so long that he’s ready to step outside his comfort zone, and has taken inspiration from two former WWE technical wrestlers who also changed their characters while in the company: William Regal and Bryan Danielson.

Butch cited Danielson and Regal’s ability to flip the script and change their on-camera personas to be more comedic as the reason for their WWE success. He referenced Danielson’s comedic turn while teaming with Kane and then went more in-depth with Regal’s work as the commissioner:

“some of his best work was the straight-laced stuff later in his career, right? But earlier in his run, he was the commissioner doing all sorts of funny stuff”

Butch said both men brought a sense of humour, adding to their already impressive in-ring skills. In his opinion, Danielson wouldn’t become the main eventer he would be today if it wasn’t for him showing a comedic side of himself during his WWE tenure. Although he has garnered much praise for his work as Pete Dunne, Butch believes fans will also appreciate his run on the main roster.

As a member of the Brawling Brutes, Butch had to contend with the New Day on SmackDown. Alongside Sheamus and Ridge Holland, Butch has defeated the New Day multiple times, and the trio has shown no signs of slowing down.