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Bushwhacker Butch Reveals The Worst Person He Ever Licked [Exclusive]


WWE Hall of Famers The Bushwackers marched their way into the hearts of wrestling fans across the world, giving their opponents a good hiding, or a good licking – sometimes literally – whenever they stepped in the ring!

Following the news that Butch and Luke will be returning to the ring, Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy would speak to The Bushwhackers about their run in WWE, before asking Butch about the worst experience he ever had licking someone.

One of the worst people that I ever licked was, we were on a sitcom called Family Matters. She had so much makeup and goo on, I didn’t notice it. As soon as I licked her, my throat started closing up, and this was a rehearsal before the live audience was let in. So now, we had to carry on, and I did the rest of that show and I couldn’t even swallow my own spit, let alone anything else.

“So, silly me. Now, the next day comes the rehearsal. Now they let in a live audience. The live audience comes, now we’re ready for the final taping. Cameras are all set and everything, music goes, out we walk. Up jumps this Sheila. I get carried away again, don’t even think, I grab it and I give her the biggest bloody licking she’s ever had. On her face that is.

Bushwhacker Luke would joke, It wasn’t Down Under!” Before Butch added:

And then, for God’s sake, my throat closed up. The whole thing happened again. And I thought, “You stupid bloody bugger!”

Luke noted that the actress was actually a former American Gladiator.

“She was pretty muscled up, and she jumped up all excited, and Butch grabbed her. She was just pounding, and Butch grabbed her and gave her the…” [He licks the air]

The Bushwhackers appeared as ‘The Psycho Twins’ in Family Matters in 1994.

The tag team, formerly known as The Sheepherders, also spoke of how Vince McMahon refused a request from them to turn heel towards the end of their WWF run.

“Even Vince never wanted to split us. He said, ‘With you guys, the people love you guys so much and he used to say this. Every time he saw us, he said, ‘I can’t believe how much the public loves you guys. We cannot split you up.’

“And at the end of our run, near the end of the run, I actually said to him, ‘Turn us heel.’ This was this was about 1996, because we we finished in 1996, start of ’97. That’s when we had our last run with WWF. He said, ‘No, the people wouldn’t accept you as heels.’”

You can read our full interview with The Bushwhackers here.

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