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Bully Ray Wants To See Spike Dudley In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Spike Dudley

The Dudley Boyz were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018, but Bubba Ray Dudley believes Spike Dudley should join the legendary tag team.

Together, Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley were a proven tag team draw, with their Dudley Boyz pairing sitting in wrestling history for their record amount of tag team championship reigns across the promotions they’ve competed for. Among others, they’ve held gold in WWE, IMPACT Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Throughout their legendary career, the duo have regularly been joined by Spike Dudley, who first appeared as part of the extended Dudley family at ECW’s September 1996 event, When Worlds Collide II. The initial presentation of Spike saw him as an apparent drug user, with his initials – he went by Little Spike Dudley – and his finishing move – the Acid Drop, later called the Dudley Dog – being references to the drugs LSD and acid.

Although Spike was never as big a deal in WWE as his kayfabe brothers, he still enjoyed eleven title reigns, including eight as Hardcore Champion. Now, Bubba Ray Dudley, who also uses his Bully Ray moniker from IMPACT Wrestling, has spoken out about his desire to see the former Brother Runt inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The former IMPACT World Champion quote-tweeted a video posted by WWE, where Spike was Chokebomed off the ring apron and through a table by Matt Bloom – then known as Albert – calling Spike one of the toughest motherf***ers, while calling for him to be considered for induction. Whether or not Spike Dudley actually becomes a WWE Hall of Famer remains to be seen.

After an enjoyable run in ECW, Spike Dudley joined the then-World Wrestling Federation, aligning with The Dudley Boyz during their three-way feud with The Hardy Boyz, and Edge and Christian. He would be released from the company in July 2005, making his last appearance at the inaugural ECW One Night Stand event.

He’d later join his supposed siblings in TNA, where he – as Brother Runt – came to the aid of Team 3D – Brothers Ray and Devon – in their rivalry against Team Canada. As Runt, he made various sporadic appearances between 2005 and 2013, last appearing as part of their One Night Only series of events in place of pay-per-views in 2013. The real-life Matthew Hyson last wrestled in 2015.