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Bully Ray Says The Undertaker Should Confront Seth Rollins At WrestleMania

Seth Rollins The Undertaker

WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray has explained why he’d like to see The Undertaker involved in WrestleMania one more time as the man to give Seth Rollins his moment on the show.

Seth Rollins is not a happy bunny, to say the least. The man who once gave the world one of the best WrestleMania moments of all time when he committed the “heist of the century” in 2015 might as well go eat worms when the sports entertainment spectacular rolls into AT&T Stadium on the 2nd and 3rd of April.

Rollins has been trying his damndest in recent weeks to find himself a spot at WrestleMania 38. He came up short when he challenged Kevin Owens to a match on Raw with the winner getting to host Stone Cold Steve Austin. He followed that up to another loss to AJ Styles after he challenged Styles to put his WrestleMania bout with Edge on the line.

But still, plenty of people believe Seth Rollins will have his hands full by the time WrestleMania begins as reports are suggesting the plan is still for him to work with the prodigal Cody Rhodes on The Grandest Stage Of Them All.

Speaking on Busted Open, however, host Dave LaGreca had a very different idea that Bully Ray agreed with. The former Dudley Boy then explained exactly why Rollins’ WrestleMania opponent should be The Undertaker:

“I totally understand why people want to see it [The Undertaker wrestling at WrestleMania 38]. I get it – and it would be a hell of a surprise. Let’s say that Seth Rollins stages his sit-in. ‘I’m going to hijack WrestleMania?’ Have we ever seen anybody hijack WrestleMania? Seth Rollins is going to hijack WrestleMania. ‘This show does not go on until I get an opponent.’ ‘Gong [Undertaker’s theme]’ – the place is going to go bananas.”

A similar storyline took place in 2018 when John Cena specifically challenged The Deadman to a WrestleMania bout, only to be ignored for weeks leading up to WrestleMania 34. The Undertaker did eventually turn up, making short work of Cena to the delight of the New Orleans crowd.

The Undertaker will of course be on hand in Dallas, Texas over WrestleMania weekend as he takes his rightful place in the WWE Hall Of Fame.

h/t Sportskeeda