Bully Ray Sees A Bit Of Steve Austin & Two Other Legends In Top AEW Star

Bully Ray

Bully Ray’s modern wrestling opinions usually divide opinion, but he’s bang on with his description of this former AEW champion.

Having now taken more of a backseat role within pro wrestling, Bully Ray has provided his take on modern wrestling for the past few years, usually to a divisive reaction. As it pertains to Jon Moxley, though, it’s hard to argue with the multi-time Tag Team Champion.

The latest Busted Open Radio broadcast saw Bully Ray compare ‘The Death Rider’ to a trio of acclaimed hard-hitting grapplers; ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Terry Funk, and Atsushi Onita:

“Jon Moxley last night on Dynamite, who opened the show face to face with MJF. Tommy [Dreamer] in my opinion, if we take a third of Steve Austin, if we take a third of Atsushi Onita, a third of Terry Funk, shake it up nice and pour it up into a rock splash, you get a Jon Moxley. I see a little bit of everybody in him.”

Fans have long compared Jon Moxley to Steve Austin for the way he handles himself as the face of AEW, while remaining, as Austin himself would put, a tough S.O.B. Moxley’s Dynamite promo on MJF was the latest example of the former IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion channelling his inner ‘Texas Rattlesnake’.

Bully Ray further elaborated on his opinions of Jon Moxley, comparing him to yet another wrestling legend in the late Dusty Rhodes:

“And I think he is probably the most beloved guy in the company right now. I am sure that is up for debate and when I say beloved I am talking about true emotional attachment to Jon Moxley the human being not the moves that Jon Moxley does. It’s about him and the words he speaks. It’s kind of like Dusty [Rhodes], I am not comparing Jon Moxley to Dusty because we should never compare anybody to Dusty.”

Jon Moxley joined AEW as one of the company’s first big shock signings in May 2019. He’s held the AEW World Championship twice, with a third reign awaiting him should he defeat Sammy Guevara, and subsequently either Chris Jericho or Bryan Danielson in the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions.

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