Bully Ray Recalls Threatening Vince McMahon After Physical Rib

WWE Vince McMahon threatened by Bully Ray

WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray has explained why he threatened to “embarrass” Vince McMahon after the WWE Chairman got physical with him.

Bully Ray is better known in WWE as Bubba Ray Dudley, who along with his tag team partner D-Von amassed an incredible ten reigns as Tag Team Champions in the company.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio Bully Ray discussed his opinion of Vince McMahon and recalled getting in the WWE Chairman’s face after McMahon attempted to prank the star:

“He’s actually tried to play a couple of practical jokes on me also. And I got right in his face. I mean, one of the ones that I remember vividly is he came up behind me at about four or five in the afternoon, while all the guys are in the arena. They’re at the ring or talking or whatever it is. And he waist locks me from behind. And he’s trying to like kind of take me down.”

“He just wants to see how you react. I completely no sold it. And when he let go, I turned around and I looked at him and I said, ‘if you ever do that again, I will embarrass you in front of your whole f**king locker room.’ And he just went (deep laughing). He popped so hard, because he was popping because I no-sold it because I had the balls to kind of play back with him and poke back at him. And that’s what he really likes.”

Bully Ray also recently recalled the runt of the Dudley litter, Spike Dudley, getting into hot water with McMahon after Spike asked the boss if he “had any good pot.”

h/t WrestlingNews.co