Bully Ray Claims AEW Dynamite Would Pull Over 1 Million Viewers With Him Or Tommy Dreamer

The WCW & ECW Alliance vs WWE

Bully Ray has backed a potential ECW reunion to do big business for AEW.

At AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, Jack Perry turned on HOOK and became a heel for the first time since joining the company. He went on to defeat his former friend for the FTW Championship that was created and worn by HOOK’s father Taz.

During a promo, Perry took aim at ECW and ended up being confronted by Jerry Lynn, who has an extensive history with the hardcore promotion, and now works backstage in AEW.

Given Tony Khan’s love of ECW, some have wondered whether a reunion is on the way, and Bully Ray is more than up for it. Speaking on Busted Open Radio, the WWE Hall of Famer said such a scenario would do “monster business.”

“If the story went down the ECW road and I showed up in the right town … there’s monster business to be done there,”

The veteran broke down how and why the story makes sense, claiming an appearance from himself or Tommy Dreamer would pull in more than a million viewers on Dynamite.

“This is not me blowing smoke up my own ass … if you announced that Bully Ray, or even Tommy Dreamer to the matter, were showing up on ‘AEW Dynamite’ on whatever week it was, to come face-to-face and confront Jack Perry, you’re doing over a million viewers. Guaranteed.

Tommy fits the part the best. Him and Taz were the bestest of best friends, Tommy was Taz’ best man at his wedding. The story is so deep, it’s there if you want to go down the ECW road. If you do go down that ECW road, you will make Jack Perry a bigger star at the end of this story than you can with any other talent that’s in ECW right now.”

Bully Ray has previously stated that AEW could learn from ECW, and the way it attracted fans

Does Bully Ray Still Wrestle?

Despite beginning his career back in 1991 and putting his body through a tremendous amount of abuse since, Bully Ray continues to wrestle regularly across the independent scene as well as the NWA and IMPACT Wrestling.

The star was most recently in action at Slammiversary where he teamed with Deaner in defeat to Scott D’Amore and a returning Eric Young.

H/t to Wrestling Inc