Bully Ray Blasts TNA For Star’s Title Win

Bully Ray

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray has taken TNA to task for one of their star’s world title wins and says it was done because TNA didn’t want to pay medical bills.

Back in the halcyon days of Aces and Eights in TNA, Bully Ray ruled the roost as President of the leather-clad gang and as TNA World Champion.

However, his reign was interrupted in shocking fashion at Destination X in 2013 when Chris Sabin cashed in ‘Option C’ giving up his X Division Title for a shot at Bully Ray’s gold. Sabin conquered Bully, winning the TNA World Title for the only time in his career.

Bully Ray appeared as a guest on Eric Bischoff’s 83 Weeks podcast to talk about that time in his career and says that as much as he respects Chris Sabin, his title win was done for all the wrong reasons:

“Eric [Bischoff] had to talk me off the ledge on that one. It was done for all the wrong reasons. I like Chris Sabin, I always have liked Chris Sabin. Me and D-Von against The Motor City Machine Guns we had great chemistry with them. Nobody has ever kicked out of the 3D except Chris Sabin. That to me was a big deal, me and D-Von protected our finish for so long that nobody had ever kicked out of it. He did. It was part of me and D-Von’s story.”

“So all the props in the world to Chris Sabin, double thumbs up, yadda yadda yadda. That belt was never supposed to come off of me, it was supposed to stay on me for one year and I was supposed to drop it to AJ Styles at Bound For Glory the following year.”

“But Chris Sabin had gotten injured and I don’t know how deep Eric wants to go into this. Sabin got injured and I don’t believe TNA wanted to pay for his surgery.”

“I went to Eric and I was like ‘this is wrong, this is not right, they’re not gonna pop for him winning, they’re gonna pop for me losing, we’re putting him in a bad spot, he’s not gonna come out better on the other end of this’ and Eric agreed. I did not wanna see Chris Sabin fall on his face at this time because of this situation. Eric told me ‘nothing I can do about it, just go out there and lay down.’ Ok, no problem. It was way above my pay grade and anybody that tells you a different story is a f*cking liar.”

Eric Bischoff then went on to confirm Bully Ray’s version of events, saying the direction had come from above the creative team:

“Bully’s right, this was not a creative decision, this was an office decision.”

h/t TJRWrestling