Bullet Club Member Mistaken For WWE Superstar

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A member of the world famous Bullet Club has spoken of their frustration at being mistaken for a WWE Superstar.

Chris Bey, along with Ace Austin, Taiji Ishimori and El Phantasmo, make up the most impressive foursome of junior heavyweights in wrestling right now, with Bey playing an integral part of ‘Switchblade’ Jay White’s plans for Bullet Club world domination.

However at the recent Dominion event in Tokyo, Bey was a noticeable absentee in the Bullet Club group picture, causing fans online to question where he was, with Bey hilariously posting a Fresh Prince video to Twitter of Will Smith in an empty house.

With Bullet Club dominating in both New Japan and IMPACT, plus infiltrating AEW, Bey has a lot to look forward to. Getting mistaken for Kofi Kingston and Swerve Strickland, though, is one thing he could do without and gave a candid response when talking to Chris Van Vliet about cases of mistaken identity.

“Yeah, all the time. At first I thought it was just a trolling thing, but now that it is happening more in person, I don’t think it is. It started with Kofi, but he has gone on his New Day Podcast that he got the blonde from me. I told it so many times that I thought I was lying.

I was doing 205 Live when I was doing it, and Kofi said ‘Man I like your hair, I was thinking about doing it. And now I see it, it’s a great idea.’ I’m like yeah do it so they can think we are the same person even more, we laughed about it. So he debuts on SmackDown with the hair and my timeline is blowing up of ‘Is that Chris Bey on SmackDown? Oh wait it is Kofi.’

The other one is Swerve, I guess now because he is on AEW it is happening more. We were at Wale Mania, me and him are walking up the stairs, I am right behind him. This girl looks me dead in my soul, walks by and goes ‘Oh my God Swerve! Can I get a picture?’ She is looking in my soul. I stop and look at her, look back at him, and look back at her. I’m like, it’s literally the guy right in front of me. People are like does it trigger me? I’m like yes!”

Whilst Bey talked about how ultimately its disheartening to not be recognised for his body of work alone, he did admit to cheekily taking advantage of the situation on occasion.

“I’ve had my moments where I have benefitted off of it. I ran in a Jack In The Box one time when the inside was open at like 3am. The guy was in the back cleaning and I’m like ‘Excuse me, can I get a milkshake?’ He goes ‘yeah just give me a second.’ He comes to the front and he’s like ‘Hey, you that’s wrestler aren’t you?’ I go [leans back] ‘Which one?’ He goes ‘Kofi.’ I’m like ‘Yes sir, that’s me. What’s up with that milkshake though? Is it on the house?’ And it was, I have reaped the benefits.”

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