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Buff Bagwell Calls Jim Ross “A F**king Liar” Regarding His WWE Release

Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell has branded Jim Ross “a f**king liar” regarding comments the legendary announcer made regarding his release by WWE.

With the collapse of WCW in March 2001, WWE swiftly brought the company and set about expanding it’s roster. While names such as Sting, Hulk Hogan and Goldberg remained out of WWE’s reach initially, the company signed numerous now former WCW stars to begin what would eventually become the infamous ‘Invasion’ angle.

Alongside the likes of Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page, Buff Bagwell arrived in WWE following WrestleMania X-Seven. Bagwell wrestled his one and only televised WWE match on the July 2nd episode of Raw where he took on Booker T. The match was presented under the WCW banner as they had “taken over” the main event slot. The match featured a WCW referee, a different announce team and graphics.

However, the match failed to ignite the passion of the live crowd and was badly received by fans. Bagwell left WWE in the weeks following the bout.

It has since become wrestling folklore that Bagwell was released in part due to his mother Judy Bagwell phoning in sick for her son.

Speaking during an appearance on Who the fook are these guys? Bagwell claimed it was Jim Ross who was responsible for him losing his job, branding the former WWE Head of Talent Relations a “f**king liar.”

”But if you had a guy that called you up and said, ‘don’t come to these shows’ and act like my mother called to get me out of them, now you’ve cost me millions of dollars and you’re a f**king liar. The facts are he called me up, told me to stay home,’

Bagwell continued by saying that Ross told him to take time off before returning to television where WWE had big plans for him. In reality, the former WCW star was released.

”I get a call and it’s Jim Ross. He goes ‘hey, Buff. I want you to know we have big plans for you on Monday.’ His exact verbiage. ‘We have big plans for you on Monday in Atlanta. We want you to take this weekend off, heal up good, get your head healed up, and then we’ll see you on Monday, and we’re really excited,”

For his part, Jim Ross discussed Buff Bagwell’s release on an episode of his podcast back in July. JR commented that Bagwell had a “higher opinion of his work than Vince did” and “wasn’t a good fit.” Ross also poured cold water on suggestions that Bagwell’s mother played a role in his departure. Instead he pointed to the star’s attitude and what he saw as a lack of professionalism.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.