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Buff Bagwell Recalls Nearly Getting Into A Fist Fight With Butterbean

Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell recalled the time that he nearly came to blows with boxer and former WrestleMania competitor Butterbean!

In early March, Buff Bagwell announced that he was cancelling his upcoming appearances in order to “get himself together.” In the post on social media, Bagwell explained that he would be moving in with Diamond Dallas Page and taking part in the WWE Hall of Famer’s new “Change or Die” docuseries.

Speaking recently on Busted Open Radio, Buff Bagwell opened up about the experience living in DDP’s house and said that it’s a wonderful place, but that it’s difficult to live with a group of people for that length of time.

“Dallas called me to do this show called Change or Die. I’m at the accountability crib right now, and it is like a garden with the birds chirping, and Josh is our guy when Dallas isn’t here, who trains me. There’s yoga going on, and people drinking coffee. We’re all like a family. You’ve got to live together for 90-days. That’s a big deal. It’s hard to live with anybody, and you guys know, whether it’s your wife or your best friend, and I’ve done all of those.”

Buff Bagwell then revealed that after a series of insults, he nearly got into a fistfight with former boxer and Tough Man competitor Butterbean, who is also a part of the docuseries.

“Me and Butterbean almost got in a fistfight. He called me – he said I looked gay in my American Male video. I said, ‘hey listen fat ass, I’m right here bro and you just called me f*cking gay.’ He said – and he calls Steve over from 10-feet away from me and he goes, ‘if he calls me fat ass one more time, I’m gonna kick his ass!’

“I said, ‘hey fat ass, I’m right here and there ain’t nothing between us, I’m trying my best. I didn’t put the video on, they did. It wasn’t like I threw my video on. I’m just tryna go with it and have fun like everybody else.’ And I said, ‘by the way, I’ve knocked out a few motherf*ckers myself, so there ain’t anybody between us, bro.’ So, what started off a little bit negative like that, it took a turn that I de-escalated that situation that ended with a fist pump.

However, Buff Bagwell says that he eventually de-escalated the fight and that DDP had praise for him as a charming individual afterward.

“Me and him got in a huge fight and I de-escalated it to a point where Dallas watched the tape back and he goes, ‘you see that there, that’s Marc Bagwell. Not the -when they’re cussing and yelling and all that – the Marc Bagwell, the charming motherf*cker that de-escalated that argument.’”

Buff Bagwell began his wrestling career back in 1990, before moving to WCW a year later. During his early years in the company, Bagwell squared off against the likes of a young Steve Austin, before teaming with 2 Cold Scorpio, and winning the World Tag Team Titles.

Bagwell joined the nWo in 1996 and remained with WCW until the company collapsed in 2001. The former tag champion then made the switch to WWE, but his time with the company is mostly remembered for his match with Booker T on the July 2nd episode of Monday Night Raw.

The bout was supposed to represent a new WCW presentation and was poorly received by fans. Bagwell left the company just weeks later. He went on to have multiple stints in TNA while also appearing on the independent scene.

h/t WrestlingInc