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Bubba Ray Dudley Recalls Hilarious Hot Tag Spot During MSG Show

Dudley Boyz

Bubba Ray Dudley has recalled a time when a hot tag didn’t quite live up to the reception from the crowd at a Madison Square Garden house show.

Dudley was a guest on ‘Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw‘ when he recounted a match he had with the APA – Farooq and Bradshaw – and Edge and Christian where a ‘hot tag’ spot went awry.

“It might have been our first show ever at the Garden. It’s a house show, it’s the Dudleys, the APA, and Edge and Christian. The APA eliminate Edge and Christian, heat on D-Von (go figure), and Bubba’s gonna get the hot tag. I got my family there, I got my fraternity brothers from college there, the APA are heels, we’re white hot babyfaces at the time, 20,000 people and rumbling are the Garden. They do a double down, D-Von’s crawling over, D-Von gives me the hot tag, the place blows, I come in… I trip over the middle rope.”

Bradshaw then chimed in to tell the story from his point of view, saying the multi-time Tag Team Champion didn’t “just trip over the middle rope”.

“He doesn’t just trip over the middle rope. So, I fed him from the other side, Ron hits me with a tag and I’m crawling in with my head down, I’m gonna feed straight into a punch or something and take a bump. So I’m rushing across the ring because I know Bubba’s gonna get in pretty quick and as I do, Bubba doesn’t even catch himself, he falls face-first on the mat at my feet!”

While that particular match didn’t go too well for Bubba Ray Dudley, he and D-Von went on to have a legendary career, winning the WWE Tag Team Championships a total of nine times and being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2018.

If you use any of the above quotes, please credit ‘Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw‘ and give an H/T to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.