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Bubba Ray Dudley Recalls Backstage Incident With La Resistance

Bubba Ray Dudley

Bubba Ray Dudley has recalled a backstage incident where he “smacked” a former WWE Superstar who complained that he was being too stiff in the ring.

Dudley’s comments came on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, where alongside Dave LaGreca and Mark Henry the trio discussed occasions when things got “too real” inside the squared circle.

The WWE Hall of Famer initially recalled how he was to work with behind the scenes, saying that any disagreements were always business and never personal.

“I was one of the most brutally straight up people to do business with and it was all about business, it was never personal. You could tell me anything, and everything to my face and would never take it personally. The discussion always had to stay between us. If we’re discussing something and I said ‘no’ for whatever reason, and you went behind my back, me and D-Von’s back to the agent, ‘ok no problem, we’re just gonna make life difficult for you in the ring.'”

Bubba continued, explaining that you can make things difficult for people in the ring, without being physical with them.

“It doesn’t take much to make life difficult for people. If you know what you’re doing out there, you can expose your opponent by never touching them. You don’t have to lay a hand on them but you can expose them and make them look ineffective. So, there’s many ways that things can go wrong, it just doesn’t have to be physical.”

However, the tag team legend went on to reveal one occasion when things did get physical. Dudley recalled being in a program with La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier and René Duprée) in the early 2000’s. The former ECW star said that he and D-Von were struggling to work with the team, describing them as “the sh*ts,” adding that they were making them look bad.

“They had a world of heat, [with fans as anti-American heel characters] they’re actually interrupting the national anthem at times, white hot heat, but they were the sh*ts. Every night, me and D-Von tried and tried and tried. It was getting so bad that me and D-Von were starting to botch our own moves. They were making us look bad. We could not dumb it down any more for them.

So one night in the ring, it was that time and me and D-Von just started laying it in a little bit. Then we come back through the curtain and one of the La Resistance guys goes to me [In French accent] ‘Urgh, what are you shooting on me for?! Don’t you know I am green?’ So I smacked him in his face.”

Bubba then explained that Johnny Laurinaitis (Johnny Ace) told him he couldn’t hit the younger talent. In response the veteran said that Laurinaitis and “Dr Death” Steve Williams would have done exactly what he had just done if talent had done that to them when they wrestled in Japan.

“Then Johnny Ace pulls me and D-Von on the side and goes [Johhny Ace impression] ‘Come on Bubba, you know you can’t be beating up the young boys.’ I said Johnny let me ask you a question. ‘If me and D-Von showed up in Japan and were working against you and Doc, Dr Death Steve Williams, and Doc started laying into me in the ring and I would have come back through the curtain at Korakuen Hall and said Hey Doc what are you shooting on me for don’t you know I’m green? What would have happened?’ [Johnny Ace voice] ‘Doc would have beat the sh*t out of you.’ I said exactly and I would have deserved it. ‘Well I get your point, but you can’t beat up the young boys.'”

In closing Bubba said that it wasn’t a matter of beating someone up, it was a case of “educating someone in a physical manner.” Adding that if someone is not getting it and putting lives in danger in the ring they have to be “smacked around a little bit,” and there was “nothing wrong with it.”

Renee Dupree has previously been open about his perceived negative treatment in WWE. Speaking in August the former WWE Superstar said that The Undertaker had ordered talent to “p*ss and sh*t” over his belongings.

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