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Bubba Ray Dudley Praises Lana – “She Is A Complete Pro”


Bully Ray, AKA WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley, has heaped the praise on RAW Superstar Lana.

Following her victory over Nia Jax in a Tables Match on Monday Night RAW, Bully Ray took to SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio to praise the Ravishing Russian’s professionalism and desire to improve.

“The number one word that has come to mind when I see Lana these days on television, ever since the first day she went through that table is professional. She is a complete pro. I see that woman trying as hard as she can every single time she goes out there. Lana’s not Charlotte and she’s not Sasha, and she’s not Bayley, yada yada we get it. But I’ll be damned if that girl doesn’t go out there and give it her all and try her hardest. I know she goes down and she rolls around with Nattie [Neidhart] and TJ [Wilson]’s place down there. She tries to get that extra work in.”

The WWE Hall of Famer continued, saying Lana invests time and is always selling and doing things the right way.

“She invests time in her profession. She goes out there, she’s never boo-boo faced about anything, she’s taking powerbombs by Nia Jax, and she’s still getting up. She’s selling, she’s registering, her facials are great. Bravo, Lana, you did this the right way.”

Bully Ray then tweeted a hilarious photo calling Lana a legend.

Of course, the Tables Match was seemingly the pay-off for Lana being driven through the announce table by Nia Jax for weeks on end as part of their long-term rivalry, which Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy asked Lana’s husband Miro, formerly Rusev, about.

“All I know is that she’s most likely tougher than anybody else on their roster because clearly that’s the first time in history that’s been done. And every single time, she gets the f**k up and keeps going, you know. She doesn’t say, “No.” She doesn’t say, “I don’t want to do that.” She doesn’t sell.

“She’s going out there and doing her job, and doing her job to perfection. Because you can see, in that ring, when she gets that time, you can see who’s who and who’s been working, and who’s been sitting on their a***s the whole time. And I’m so freaking proud of CJ, man, because she’s proven that she’s most likely the most talented and underrated person in the whole entire wrestling community.”

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h/t WrestleZone