Bryan Danielson Reveals If He Has Ever Had Sex With A Vegetable

Bryan Danielson

AEW Superstar Bryan Danielson has enjoyed a storied career at the top of the wrestling world, including famously reaching the top of the mountain with his triple threat match victory over Randy Orton and Batista at WrestleMania 30 that saw him lift the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Danielson, who famously favours a plant based diet, spoke back in 2021 to share his views on fruits and trees amongst other things:

“As I tend towards a vegan diet and people say all sorts of things about a vegan diet, I find it really fascinating that nobody really brings this up; if you eat an apple — people say, ‘Oh, you kill plants.’ No, I don’t really kill plants. When I eat an apple, the tree doesn’t die. Essentially, I’m eating the tree’s sperm. I’m eating the sperm. It’s tree semen. That’s how they reproduce other trees. Most fruits are semen. Real fruits are semen because they contain the seed inside of them. In theory, that has to be planted into the ground for another tree to grow”.

Bryan Danielson Clarifies Vegetable Status

The 41 year-old went a step further to elaborate on his words in a comical recent interview with Hey! EW host RJ City, including confirming if he had ever slept with a vegetable:

“RJ City: I have the direct quote, ‘When I eat an apple, I’m essentially eating tree sperm.’ What’s worse is that I always see you backstage eating apples. Go do it in a bathroom stall.

Danielson: What is your problem with that?

RJ City: It’s just a lot to take in. I understand the point, but you said it in a way that was just a little too graphic for me.

Danielson: What’s graphic about that? Are we not allowed to say sperm or semen? Does that invoke some sort of…

RJ City: Ah yeah, the sex ed teacher over here.

Danielson: Listen, you and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals.

RJ City: Oh, so that you know, but your don’t know Frasier, you don’t know Cheers. What happened to you?

Danielson: That song was on the radio.

RJ City: When it comes to apple seeds, do you swallow?

Danielson: No. I have, actually, swallowed apple seeds, yes.

RJ City: I once went on a date…

Danielson: You did what on a date?

RJ City: There you go. You ever f*ck a vegetable?

Danielson: Short answer, no. Long answer, we don’t have the time”.

Inside of the ring, Danielson recently received widespread praise for his 60 Minute Iron Man Match with MJF at AEW Revolution.

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