“Bryan Danielson Talks About Flaccid Penises A Lot” – Aubrey Edwards

Bryan Danielson

As well as being widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers in the world Bryan Danielson is also known as someone who talks about flaccid penises.

Speaking to Renee Paquette at last year’s Starrcast V Danielson revealed what he talks about while in the locker room.

“I came in and everybody was on their phones in the locker room. That’s not what I want. The last three years of my career, I don’t want to spend in the locker room with a bunch of young guys looking at their phone.

So, we start….we talk about flaccid penises, asexually. We are not talking about anything that would be considered perverted. It’s just amongst the boys. It’s the boys talking about flaccid penises. It is a blast.”

On a recent edition of The Sessions AEW referee, Aubrey Edwards revealed that all he talks about is wrestling … and flaccid penises.

“We’re super professional, I would say we’re not buddy-buddy close, but I love working with him. He’s a real funny guy. He just has his jokes that he tries to drive home and tell everybody. He talks about flaccid penises a lot. It’s hilarious, I love it. There are very few people that are that into wrestling.

Dax Harwood is probably the other guy, but it’s literally all Bryan thinks about, is wrestling. When you’re working with him, he’s thought about every little thing that he’s doing. He’s also one of those guys that is really giving and when he’s with an opponent, he’s making sure that his opponent has all of their offense in. He’s finding ways to really present the best possible match.

Working with him is fantastic because I get a new understanding of wrestling psychology. I have an awesome match I can work, and I’m working with a guy who is literally my favorite wrestler when I started watching wrestling.”

Bryan Danielson Competed In The First AEW 60-Minute Ironman Match At Revolution

When not talking about flaccid genitals Danielson is putting on the best wrestling matches in AEW. Since joining the promotion in 2021 the American Dragon fought Kenny Omega, Adam Hangman Page, Jon Moxley and RUSH in classic bouts.

At AEW Revolution he competed in the first-ever 60-minute Ironman Match in the promotion’s history. He challenged MJF for the World Championship but after over an hour of gruelling action, the champion successfully retained.

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