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Bryan Danielson Sings Backstreet Boys Hit [Video]

Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson has given all he has to give after a video has gone viral of the AEW star belting out his favourite Backstreet Boys hit!

Bryan Danielson might be considered one of the best wrestlers in the world, with his Blackpool Combat Club colleague William Regal recently calling him the perfect wrestler but that’s just the beginning of the American Dragon’s talents.

As seen during his spell on the much-missed JBL and Cole Show on as The Dazzler, Danielson is a master magician, rap superstar, and deadly ninja all rolled into one larger than life star.

But now Bryan Danielson’s singing prowess has been unleashed on the world in a video seen on social media where he blasts out the Backstreet Boys’ hit I Want It That Way.

Bryan Danielson will thankfully never know the meaning of being lonely thanks to his allegiance in AEW with William Regal, Jon Moxley, and Wheeler Yuta in the Blackpool Combat Club.

Danielson and Moxley have put the Jericho Appreciation Society on notice to quit playing games as the BCC get ready to show Jericho and co. that they’ve got it going on at Double Or Nothing. Bryan Danielson and Moxley will team with Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz in Las Vegas for Anarchy In The Arena against Jericho’s group.