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Bryan Danielson Says WWE & NJPW Partnership Talks “Couldn’t Have Gone That Well”

Bryan Danielson Minoru Suzuki

Former WWE Champion and current AEW star Bryan Danielson says potential talks about an agreement with WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling can’t have gotten very far.

Bryan Danielson left WWE after his contract expired at the end of April with his last appearance for the company losing a WWE Universal Championship match to Roman Reigns on SmackDown.

Stories suggested that as part of a negotiation that Danielson had asked WWE if he could work some shows in Japan. It was then rumoured that WWE and NJPW were in talks but this was some time after AEW had already apparently kicked down the forbidden door and teamed up with the Japanese promotion.

Speaking on the In The Kliq podcast the man formerly known as Daniel Bryan revealed that he had asked to work in Japan and joked that the talks couldn’t have gone to well:

“I don’t know how far along the talks went and I don’t know even if I was the start of them, for sure, but one of the things when I was talking to them when WWE was trying to re-sign me was, I said, ‘I want to be able to work in Japan.'”

“They were trying to come up with an agreement to where I would be able to go and do that. It was definitely something that was talked about. I don’t know where it went or anything, all I know is now it seems like AEW has a really great relationship with New Japan. So, I feel like it couldn’t have gone that well [laughs].”

Bryan Danielson recently went one on one with The King Minoru Suzuki in an incredibly hard-hitting match on The Buy In to AEW Rampage. With the two men trading brutal blows, it was Danielson who was eventually able to put Suzuki away with his running knee.

h/t Fightful for the transcription