Bryan Danielson Reveals The Biggest Challenge Of His Career

Bryan Danielson promo

Bryan Danielson has been wrestling since 1999. He has wrestled all over the planet and in a multitude of different styles. He has faced many different wrestlers ranging from high-flyers around his size to giants way bigger than him.

And he has also wrestled long, grueling, and punishing matches that have taken serious tolls on his body. He even wrestled a 20-minute match after having his retina detached.

And yet, according to Bryan himself, none of these things are as challenging as what still lies ahead of him.

In an interview with, Bryan Danielson explained why his 60-minute Ironman match with MJF will be the biggest challenge of his entire career. According to him, wrestling for an hour isn’t necessarily a challenge; instead, it’s having to follow what’s on the undercard at AEW Revolution.

“We’re going to be following a lot of great stuff, including the Mox-‘Hangman’ Texas Deathmatch. The promoters from yesteryear would say that you don’t follow blood with wrestling, but that’s exactly what we’re doing. So it presents those types of challenges. To me, that’s exciting.

This is maybe the biggest challenge I’ve put in front of myself in my entire career. I can’t think of anything else with more pressure mentally or physically.”

Bryan Danielson has had many 35-minute-plus matches throughout his career

This won’t be Bryan Danielson’s first 60-minute match in AEW. On the 2021 Winter Is Coming edition of Dynamite, Bryan Danielson wrestled “Hangman” Adam Page to a 60-minute draw in a match for the AEW World Championship.

Some of Bryan’s other long matches include:

  • Bryan vs. Austin Aries at ROH Testing The Limit 2004 (74:12)
  • Bryan vs. Roderick Strong at ROH Supercard of Honor 2006 (56:05)
  • Bryan vs. Roderick Strong at ROH Vendetta 2005 (47:24)
  • Bryan & Tyler Black vs. The American Wolves at ROH Tag Team Classic 2009 (45:00)
  • Bryan vs. Chris Hero at PWG Guerre Sans Frontières 2009 (43:06)
  • Bryan vs. Samoa Joe at ROH Midnight Express Reunion (39:16)
  • Bryan vs. Chris Hero at wXw 16 Carat Gold 2008 (36:47)
  • Bryan vs. Davey Richards at ROH The Final Countdown Tour Night Three (36:06)
  • Bryan vs. KENTA at ROH Glory By Honor 2006, Night Two (33:01)

Earlier this week, Bryan hoped that his match with MJF would open AEW Revolution; unfortunately, he didn’t get his wish granted.

h/t Sports Illustrated for the transcription