Bryan Danielson Reveals His “Favourite Wrestler To Watch”

Bryan Danielson Colt Cabana

Bryan Danielson has discussed which wrestler is his favourite to watch in the ring and says some of the things this star was doing was “blowing away” what Danielson thought was good.

Danielson discussed the latest stage of his career in an appearance on Casual Conversations. The American Dragon began by saying that part of what brought him to AEW was the same thing that helped CM Punk decide to join the company – the heartfelt tribute to the late, great Brodie Lee:

“It’s not necessarily a moment or anything like that although I was particularly moved like many people were by the AEW tribute show of Brodie Lee. He was a good friend of mine and to me, they went above and beyond, especially for his son you know what I mean, for his wife and all that kind of stuff. That really touched my heart and so there was that.”

Bryan Danielson has recently discussed his contract talks with WWE and how he made the case that he wanted to wrestle in Japan as part of his deal. Danielson then picks out a NJPW star and says he is an admirer of his ‘tekkers:’

“But also I watched a lot of Zack Sabre Jr, I like him a lot. I think he’s my favorite wrestler to watch, I think because before I started in WWE I was doing some very technical wrestling with combining different submissions. Then I watched Zack wrestle more and more and he was just like ‘woah…’ he was just blowing away the things that I thought was really cool.”

Bryan Danielson also discussed his last appearance at WrestleMania 37 and why he felt he was going to die that night.