Bryan Danielson Reflects On “Dangerous” Forbidden Door Spot – “That Stuff Does Scare Me”

Bryan Danielson promo

Bryan Danielson is known to put his body on the line, but does admit there’s a risk/reward element to certain spots in the ring.

One of those polarizing moments came at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2 when Will Ospreay and Kenny Omega did the Tiger Driver ’91, an underhook powerbomb maneuver that has the recipient landing directly on their head. It became a cringe moment for viewers of the PPV and despite the overall positive buzz the bout received, it did prompt the question of if doing such moves worth it? Danielson was asked about such during the post-Forbidden Door media scrum.

“I saw the Tiger Driver ’98, whatever you want to call it — that stuff does scare me because the potential for injury is so great. And I know specifically from a Kenny Omega — him and Will Ospreay are just fantastic — was it worth it? Did it actually make the match better, or is it just risky and part of their career? I don’t have the answer for that.”

Bryan Danielson Has Learned To Say ‘No’

After notoriously dealing with injuries and having the impression that his wrestling career was over, Danielson has learned that being selective is key to having longevitiy in the squared circle. Danielson was “banged up” before going into his match with Kazchukia Okada at Forbidden Door and unfortunately did suffer a fractured arm. Despite that, AEW has had encouraged the practice of being patient when it comes to recuperating.

“I have been in places where they’ve rushed people back from concussions. This place is not that. I am very grateful to be here and I’m very grateful that our doctors encouraged me, ‘No, we need to wait until absolutely we know for sure that you’re OK.’”

H/t to WrestleZone.