Bryan Danielson Opens Up About Post-Revolution Struggles – “I’m In A Ton Of Pain”

Bryan Danielson & MJF

At AEW Revolution, MJF pushed Bryan Danielson to his limit and beyond in their Ironman Match for the AEW World Championship.

In a match that lasted over an hour, both men bled heavily and put their bodies on the line in pursuit of the gold. In the end, MJF forced Danielson to tap out during overtime to score an incredible victory.

On the March 8th edition of Dynamite pre-taped promo from Danielson was shown which had been recorded directly after the match. In the short clip, an emotional Danielson hinted that he could be heading toward retirement.

Speaking on the Unconsciously Coupled podcast, Danielson dived deeper into his post-Revolution struggles. The American Dragon admitted that he was in a ton of pain, while also referring to the anxiety and depression he also goes through.

“Legitimately, I’m in a ton of pain. I just wrestled for over 65 minutes. I’ve got a black eye. I can’t lift my left arm past here [partially raises arm]. I have shooting pain going down my leg. There’s this big gaping wound on my stomach. Those kind of things, it’s like, ‘Oh, sorry, daddy is in a lot of pain.’ They understand that, but as they get older, they’re going to understand that some of this is not physical,”

Bryan Danielson Hints It Might Be Time To Go Home

In the promo on Dynamite, a broken Danielson explained that he always wrestled and said he wouldn’t give up because of his family, but maybe now things aren’t that straightforward. The former World Champion closed by saying that it was time for him to go home.

H/t to Fightful