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Bryan Danielson Reveals Why He Is Jealous Of Jade Cargill

Bryan Danielson

AEW star Bryan Danielson has discussed working with Jade Cargill and explained why he is jealous of the reigning TBS Champion.

Jade Cargill made a splash when he debuted on AEW Dynamite getting in the face of Cody Rhodes. Cargill revealed she was working with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal which led to the mixed tag team match where Cargill and Shaq defeated Rhodes and Red Velvet.

Since then, the woman who proudly refers to herself as ‘that b*tch’ has gone on an impressive winning streak, capturing the TBS Championship and recently asking on Dynamite “who’s next?”

Speaking on The Masked Man Show, former WWE Champion Bryan Danielson has revealed that he has been working out with Jade Cargill as he helps her develop her wrestling skills. According to The American Dragon, he may have been so impressed by Cargill that it’s pushed him to jealousy:

“Pro wrestling is very unique in the sense that anybody if they work hard enough, can get pretty good at this. Whether you make a living from it, that’s a different thing, but can get pretty good at the technical aspects of professional wrestling. Again, I think that comes down to a certain discipline.”

“In my short time working with her, she works very hard. She…can I say that I’m jealous? [Laughs]. In the sense that, she’s been wrestling a little over ten months, maybe now 11 months, and she comes out with more presence and looks like more of a star than I have ever looked in my entire career.”

“When I work with her too, she’s so athletic and strong and when it’s time to work, she works. I’ve been really impressed by her in general and her attitude. It’s easy to come in and if you get a big push, to get a big head, and she’s not like that at all. I’ve been impressed by that.”

Danielson then revealed that Tony Khan had asked the pair to work together and contrasted his own career with Cargill’s and how he was an experienced veteran in the ring before he had to worry about the bright lights of live TV:

“When Tony asked us to work together, I’ve been very impressed with how quickly she learns and how hard she works. Anybody who gets pushed like she does, initially, there is going to be a lot of people who are hard on her and, I’ve never had that pressure.”

“I really haven’t talked to her about this, but there is a certain pressure to being on national TV with less than five months’ experience and going out there and having to do a 10-minute match. I can’t even imagine. The first time I ever did a live TV match, I had been wrestling for over ten years. I was completely comfortable. It’s a completely different ballgame and she’s handled it very well.”

h/t Fightful