Bryan Danielson Gives Fans An Update On His Recovery

Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson is on the “road to recovery.”

At AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, Bryan Danielson took on Kazuchika Okada in what many considered to be a dream match. The two stars are undoubtedly two of the premiere performers in the world, but the question remained, who is the best?

On June 25th, the action swung back and forth for 27 hard-hitting minutes but it was Danielson who scored the win, forcing Okada to submit with an improvised version of his Cattle Mutilation submission. After the show, it was revealed that the improvisation came because Danielson had suffered a broken arm, but worked through the match regardless.

A further update from Danielson’s wife suggested that the injury was worse than they originally thought.

However, it seems that the American Dragon is now on the mend. Writing on Twitter ahead of Dynamite Blood & Guts, Danielson said that he’d had a steel rod and nine screws put into his injured arm and he’s now on the road to recovery.

“Also, to give everyone an update before #AEWDynamite, I got surgery on my arm about two weeks ago, where they put in a steel rod and 9 screws. Surgery went well and I’m on the road to recovery. Thank you all for the support, and check out #BloodAndGuts tonight!”

What Else Does Bryan Danielson Do In AEW?

While Bryan Danielson might currently be injured, that doesn’t mean he’s not still involved with AEW behind the scenes. In the lead-up to Forbidden Door, it was revealed that the star had been working in creative with Tony Khan and others for longer than many people realised.

Furthermore, Danielson has been praised for his work in this area and is now seen as a vital cog in the machine for both Rampage and Collision.