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Bryan Danielson Discusses Fruit & Semen In Bizarre New Interview

Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson has discussed his vegan diet and his peculiar analogy regarding apples and other delicious fruits, or as Danielson calls them “tree semen.”

Danielson became one of wrestling’s best-known vegans during his time in WWE with his lifestyle becoming either a stick to beat him with by his rivals or a stick for the then-Daniel Bryan to beat the crowd with as he preached his superiority.

Now speaking on The Barstool Yak, Bryan Danielson has given his take on apples and other fruits in a way that you’re not likely to hear on any cooking show:

“As I tend towards a vegan diet and people say all sorts of things about a vegan diet, I find it really fascinating that nobody really brings this up; if you eat an apple — people say, ‘Oh, you kill plants.’ No, I don’t really kill plants. When I eat an apple, the tree doesn’t die. Essentially, I’m eating the tree’s sperm. I’m eating the sperm. It’s tree semen. That’s how they reproduce other trees. Most fruits are semen. Real fruits are semen because they contain the seed inside of them. In theory, that has to be planted into the ground for another tree to grow.”

There has been no comment from former WWE United States Champion and noted apple lover Carlito in regards to Danielson’s statement.

Bryan Danielson makes his in-ring debut for All Elite Wrestling at AEW Grand Slam in Arthur Ashe Stadium, New York City against AEW Champion Kenny Omega.

Danielson has also recently stated that he sees his current run in AEW as the “climax of his career” as he gives himself three more years as a full-time competitor.

h/t Fightful for the transcription