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Bryan Danielson Wants To Keep Getting Chopped Out Of The Bedroom

Bryan Danielson Eddie Kingston

Bryan Danielson is into wrestling, he’s into winning titles, and as shown especially in recent weeks, he’s into getting chopped to shreds but has warned his wife, that’s strictly for the ring.

Danielson has been involved in some bruising encounters in recent weeks as he has faced the likes of Bobby Fish, the menacing Minoru Suzuki, and Eddie Kingston in AEW. With his chest being left redder than Brie Bella’s wrestling gear, Bryan Danielson has said on The Bellas Podcast. that the hard-hitting nature of his bouts makes him feel alive:

“Part of me, I’m not competitive at all, but there’s something about the physical nature of wrestling that just makes me feel alive. The chops, a lot of people hate getting chopped because it does hurt. For whatever reason, I don’t hate it, it makes me feel things. It’s not even a rush, it’s just a sensory experience. I can close my eyes, think of the thing, and experience the vibration of the crowd’s reaction.”

Danielson’s wife Brie Bella then asked if some of the physicality in the wrestling ring should be brought into the couple’s bedroom:

“Is this something I should bring to the bedroom, chopping you?”

The American Dragon replied that he’d rather leave that for the wrestling ring, but takes nothing away from those that might like that kind of thing:

“No, no, no. There are people who are super into that and I don’t want to take anything away from them, that’s other people’s thing. I experience enough pain in my regular life that I do not want it in the bedroom.”

h/t Fightful