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Bryan Danielson Recalls Incredible Advice From Vince McMahon

Bryan Danielson Vince McMahon

AEW star Bryan Danielson has discussed one of the earliest lessons he learned during his time in WWE from company Chairman Vince McMahon.

Danielson began his WWE run in 2010, appearing on the first season of NXT when it was still a wrestling/reality show. An incredible career followed for The American Dragon which culminated in Danielson becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion when he defeated both Batista and Randy Orton in the main event of WrestleMania 30.

Speaking on The Masked Man Show, Bryan Danielson has discussed some of the advice Vince McMahon gave him that has stuck with him throughout his career:

“I try to be very conscious of things because of my respect for Vince and things he would want me to say and things he wouldn’t want me to say. One of the things he first taught me, and this was before I was close with him, was the ability to use silence and to not say something if you don’t have an answer. If somebody asks you a question, ‘well, maybe we could do…’ and you put out maybe not even your best answer. You could just say, ‘Hmmm, let me think about it.'”

“Sometimes when you talk to him and ask him a question, he’ll sit there and not say a word for 30 seconds or longer, which feels like the longest time in history, but he’s not going to give you a bad answer. He’s not going to give you an off-the-cuff answer.

The ability to sit and wait and be patient enough, and even if you don’t come up with it, you get, ‘okay, let me think about that.’ That was one of the earliest lessons I learned from him, but there is no trepidation in the back of my mind that he wouldn’t want me to say that [laughs].”

Bryan Danielson last wrestled for WWE on the 30th of April 2021 edition of SmackDown when he lost a Universal Title match to Roman Reigns. Danielson shocked the wrestling world months after that match when he made his AEW debut at the end of their All Out show.

Danielson will be in action at Revolution on the 6th of March as he goes one-on-one with the man he’s trying to recruit as a partner, Jon Moxley.

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