Bryan Danielson Admits To Bullying Fellow Stars Backstage

Bryan Danielson

AEW star Bryan Danielson has admitted to taking pleasure in bullying his colleagues backstage but only the ones that he knows well.

After a decade as part of WWE, Bryan Danielson moved to pastures new when he debuted for AEW at All Out in September 2021. While fans were dreaming of the plethora of new dream matches for The American Dragon to have, Danielson was looking for familiar faces to torment once again.

Speaking The Masked Man Show Bryan Danielson explained his approach to camaraderie and Paul Wight’s reaction when he saw him backstage again:

“I’m a real bully. I come in and I tend to bully people around a little bit. People laugh and think that’s funny but, it’s actually very true. I don’t bully people I don’t know, I bully people like Paul Wight and Mark Henry. When I came in and Paul saw me, he goes, ‘Oh no, the bully is back!'”

“One of the things I like is to create discussion, interesting conversation, camaraderie amongst the boys, more so than anything else. I’m not trying to teach them anything about professional wrestling per se. One of the things I enjoy the most and one of the things I miss being away from professional wrestling when I was forced to retire and not one of the boys, most of us, for the most part, are a little weird and we all have little weird things.”

“I enjoy being in the locker room, the different conversations, the different dynamics of different people. We come to this from a different thing I’ve really enjoyed that over the years. You get younger guys in there, someone like HOOK, Lee Moriarty, Daniel Garcia…we were talking about bullying on Wednesday and I said, ‘I’ve just now started bullying Lee Moriarty,’ and he goes, ‘You won’t bully me.’ Dead straight. I loved that.”

“He’s awesome in the sense that he’s quiet, but he’s not shy, he’s very confident in himself and that’s super cool. We’re just having fun.”

Bryan Danielson has been bullying opponents in the ring in recent weeks in AEW but he will have his work cut out for him when he takes on Jon Moxley at Revolution.

h/t Fightful