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Brutus Beefcake Believes Female Wrestlers Look Tougher Than Males

Brutus Beefcake

WWE Hall of Famer Brutus Beefcake has praised the current generation of female pro wrestlers, saying they seem even tougher than the males.

Brutus Beefcake is currently promoting an upcoming appearance for independent promotion Boca Raton Championship Wrestling based in Florida. The Barber will preside over the event as the Commissioner for an evening which features, among other matches, a special Pillow Fighting Championship bout between two of PFCs female competitors.

During an interview on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Beefcake commented on the unique match, saying that, while he’s not sure what to expect, it’s something “cool to look forward to”.

“I think fans can expect an unbelievably exciting show,” he said. “You know, we are actually having something, to my knowledge I hadn’t heard much about. But, it’s called the pillow fight, it’s like two girl MMA fighters, they have a weighted, not just like a pillow, it kind of looks like a pillow, but it’s weighted, and they smack each other.

“I guess until one of them gets so tired they can’t smack the other one, and then there’s a winner. I am not really sure what to expect, I’ve never seen it before, as have probably most of the people, I am expecting haven’t seen it either. Something cool to look forward to, I guess.”

Turning to women’s wrestling in general, Brutus Beefcake says that it’s come a long way and that there are women now who are at least as tough as the guys, if not tougher.

“Well, a lot of the wrestling lately from what I have seen, the women seem tougher, as tough as the guys. They’re having matches out there, they are really incredible, they’re showing great skill. The women have definitely come a huge way, a long way.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.