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Bruiser Bedlam To Be Included In Season 3 Of Dark Side Of The Ring

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According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the third season of Dark Side of the Ring will feature and episode based around the life of Bruiser Bedlam.

Real name Ion Croitoru, Bedlam was better known on a worldwide stage as enhancement talent Johnny K-9 in the World Wrestling Federation and a top-tier name in Smoky Mountain Wrestling where he reigned as SMW Beat The Champ Television Champion and had wars with Anthony Michaels and Dirty White Boy.

In the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer wrote:

“It appears there will be a Dark Side of the Ring episode on Johnny K-9/Bruiser Bedlam, a former wrestler who was involved in tons of mob activities including being accused of a murder. He was a pro wrestler who worked for years as an enhancement guy for WWF and was a pushed top star for Jim Cornette in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Former wrestler Mickey Doyle reported this. It makes sense because they love Cornette and Cornette could tell all kinds of stories. It can be another New Jack style episode which was one of the most popular episodes they did. In other Dark Side news, Steve Austin did an interview with Jemele Hill where he noted that the Brian Pillman episode, which from all accounts is said to be great, will feature him and be the first episode of season three.”

Bedlam would be a perfect case study for the show which seeks out the darkest stories from professional wrestling and in the past has effectively covered the murder of Gino Hernandez, the death of Owen Hart and the Chris Benoit double-murder suicide tragedy.

In 2005, the star was arrested and charged for the murders of Lynn and Fred Gilbank in 1998. Serving two counts of first degree murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder, Bedlam was eventually released after seven months.

However, he was also said to have several gang connections and was re-arrested in 2009 for conspiracy to commit murder, first degree murder and attempted murder which he pleaded guilty to and was sentenced to thirteen years in prison. This was later reduced to just over four years because he has already served time.

After being released in 2016, the star died one year later in a federal halfway house in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.