Bruce Prichard Reveals How The WWE Judges If Somebody Is ‘Over’

Consistency is key when it comes to Bruce Prichard assessing star power in WWE.

Speaking on the latest episode of Something To Wrestle, Prichard told co-host Conrad Thompson about what are some strong determining factors as to seeing if a talent is truly over. Prichard first notes of the advice he gives to up-and-coming wrestlers.

“I will talk to new talent a lot of times in developmental or at a school or what have you and try to explain to them, man, don’t ever think about what you’re going to do. Feel it, feel what’s right to do next. Don’t think about what you should do. Feel it and know what to do.”

Bruce Prichard’s Primary Factors In Seeing If A Star’s “Over”

Prichard, who is WWE’s Executive Director, makes clear there are two big aspects WWE assesses when seeing if a star has what it takes to get to the main event level.

Without a doubt, merchandise sales, that’s a big indicator, but you have to look at those merchandise sales over time. If you do something hot or it’s a cool piece of merchandise that just came out, and it blows off the shelves, you’re going to take notice and go, ‘Okay, what’s different here?’, but then you’re also listening to the audience reactions. Are they sustained? Are they consistent? Are the reactions genuine, or is it due to something there that the talent is trying to do and overcompensate for? It’s just a lot of factors, and so much of it is just feel.”

If going by merchandise sales, the primary stars who are currently over would be the likes of Roman Reigns, The Bloodline, Cody Rhodes and of course, LA Knight.