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Bruce Prichard Recalls Ozzy Osbourne Meeting Vince McMahon – “His Teeth Came Out”

Ozzy Osbourne

WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard has recalled a hilarious story about Ozzy Osbourne greeting Vince McMahon and having an unfortunate dental malfunction.

Ozzy Osbourne has worked with WWE several times in the past, and made his first appearance with the company at WrestleMania II where he accompanied the British Bulldogs to the ring for their successful WWE Tag Team Championship match against The Dream Team.

During his ‘Something To Wrestle‘ podcast (available on AdFreeShows), Prichard looked back on an episode of SmackDown in May 2007 where Ozzy was due to make a guest appearance. He explained that the Black Sabbath frontman was great to work with.

“Worked with Ozzy Osbourne one time in Baltimore, Maryland, and the reason [I’m mentioning this] is because we were just in Baltimore. So, Ozzy, man. Great guy. Absolutely fucking awesome. Incredibly talented, super fucking good guy. We had Ozzy for — he had a new album coming out and was gonna sing his new hit single. Oz came in and Oz was absolutely fan-fucking-tastic, during the day. Came and did his rehearsal and realized that Oz didn’t know the words to his new song. So, Ozzy had to have a teleprompter to get him through the lyrics of his new song. Not unordinary, you know, that’s something that a lot of stars do when they’re in concert, they go through so many different songs and they’ll edit them so they’ll have the lyrics on a teleprompter a lot of times. Ozzy was one of those guys. Again though, he was one of those guys that you’d say, ‘Man, give me an Ozzy Osbourne every week.’ I’ll work with him every day. He was that good.”

Later in the day, the legendary rocker wanted to meet with Vince McMahon to catch up with him. When the WWE Chairman arrived, however, things went awry because of a chicken breast Ozzy was eating at the time.

“So then Ozzy left. Goes back to the hotel to relax. As he came back, I met someone else. When he came back he was a completely different cat when he came back. He was eating chicken breast. Big, fat, juicy chicken breast. He was picking it up and he was eating the chicken breast, and he wanted to say hi to Vince. He kept asking me, ‘Is Vince here? I’d love to say hello. I did the WrestleMania, you know, with the Bulldogs, and I’d like to say hello.’ So I go grab Vince and say, ‘Vince, Ozzy would love to say hi.’ Bring Vince in and Ozzy’s sitting there and he’s got the chicken breast in his hand, in his right hand, and it’s got sauce and shit on it. Ozzy bites into the chicken and — he sees Vince, and he goes to pull the chicken out, and his teeth came out. Then he just kind of puts everything back in and then goes to shake Vince’s hand with the chicken juice and all the stuff all over it, which was, again, a high spot for me.”

Despite proclaiming Ozzy to be great to work with earlier in the show, Prichard went on to describe the situation he found himself in when trying to explain the segment they wanted him to take part in.

“So we’re getting ready to go do the bit I’m going to do with Ozzy. He was gonna do something with Jillian Hall and Jillian’s gimmick was that she was a bad singer but she thought she was a great singer. I’m explaining this to Ozzy. I said, ‘Ozzy,’ I said, ‘You know, you’ve got to kind of look at her like, you know, oh fuck man, basically, keep practicing dear or something along those lines, and she’s horrible.’ [Imitates Ozzy]. So we try to rehearse it and he’s just not getting it. He’s not getting what I needed, and we’re going live in Baltimore up on that shit fucking stage, and it’s like, I got to go live with Ozzy. So I tell Ozzy, I’m looking at him, I go, ‘Dude,’ I said, ‘You know what, man, I just need you to be you. I just need you to be Ozzy, man.’ He looks me dead in the eyes and goes, ‘I’m Ozzy. I’m Ozzy.’ Just kept repeating, ‘No, I’m Ozzy’, as if I was confused now at this point.”

Ozzy Osbourne made another appearance with the company as the guest host of Raw in 2009. He was later inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2021.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.