Bruce Prichard Recalls Controversial WWE Gimmick That Almost “Got Us All Fired”

Bruce Prichard

While Bruce Prichard might be best known on-screen for his portrayal of Brother Love, he has traditionally been regarded as one of the most powerful men in WWE not named “McMahon.”

During multiple stints with the company, Prichard has worked extensively with Vince McMahon and played a key role in producing WWE television. However, not all of his ideas went down well with the Executive Chairman.

Speaking on his podcast, Something to Wrestle, Prichard recalled working with former WWE writer Chris DeJoseph. However, DeJoseph’s role wasn’t solely confined to the writer’s room and he made occasional appearances on-screen as Big Dick Johnson. A male stripper who would show up in segments usually featuring DX to dance covered in oil, wearing as little as television networks would allow.

Prichard said the gimmick came from himself and Triple H, but the first time DeJoseph performed it for McMahon, all involved nearly got fired.

“I’ve always gotten along with Chris (DeJoseph). Chris is a nice guy… (Prichard laughed when asked what he thought of DeJoseph as ‘Big Dick Johnson’). Um… I mean, Paul Levesque and I might have kind of come up with that a little bit. It was… God, what was his name?… Chris Farley. Patrick Swayze thing, yes, and I’m looking at it and first time that we did it, he did it with Vince (McMahon) with the oil and everything. Almost got him fired, almost got all of us fired after that one.”

Cody Rhodes Praises “Angel” Bruce Prichard

Speaking back in January, Cody Rhodes came to the defence of Nick Khan and Bruce Prichard. Reflecting on getting injured back in the summer, Rhodes said that he was embarrassed about how the problem came about.

The American Nightmare went on to discuss working on his comeback, crediting Khan and Prichard with “keeping him in check.” He added that he didn’t know why the pair have the reputations that they do because they had been “nothing but angels” to him.

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