Bruce Prichard Pays Tribute To The Late Brodie Lee

Brodie Lee Thumb

Bruce Prichard, Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, has paid his respects to the late Jon ‘Brodie Lee’ Huber.

Upon the passing of the former AEW TNT Champion on December 26, 2020, from a non-COVID related lung condition, the wrestling world poured onto social media in order to pay their respects to one of the nicest men in professional wrestling. Even the legendary Jim Cornette, who had openly criticised the star’s performances in the ring, retracted his comments considering the star had been working – unknowingly – with the issue.

AEW, Huber’s home turf at the time of his passing, held a special edition of their weekly Dynamite show in order to honour the life of the artist formerly known as Luke Harper on December 30, 2020, and WWE remembered the talent with graphics prior to Raw and SmackDown while its stars recreated Huber’s entrance, finishing manoeuvre and famous lines.

Now, Bruce Prichard has sat down on his Something to Wrestle With Podcast to discuss the passing of the star:

“I think as you go through and read everything and sometimes when we lose someone that we really adore, that you feel a lot of the tributes are glamorized and what have you. I think that everyone pretty much captured the essence of who Luke Harper was, and he was a down to earth guy. One of the nicest human beings that you would ever meet in your life, but in the very short time that I knew him and that I had the opportunity to interact with him, one thing that always rang true was the love of his family, his kids, his wife, and you hear that. You say that, but this was a guy that just was as genuine as genuine got and was a super nice guy.

It’s just sad and very tragic. Hearts go out to his family and wish them all the best and know it’s going to be a tough road for everyone.”

Bruce Prichard, better known as Brother Love to an early nineties audience, currently oversees the creative of WWE’s flagship red brand. He replaced Paul Heyman in the role in June 2020 after ratings began to decline.

Credit for the interview: Something to Wrestle With

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.