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Bruce Prichard On Who He Would Have Made The ‘Higher Power’

Higher Power

WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard has named who, in hindsight, he would have made the ‘Higher Power’ in the infamous storyline involving Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and the Corporate Ministry during the Attitude Era.

The Undertaker and Shane McMahon changed the landscape of the WWF in the late nineties as they merged their Corporation and Ministry of Darkness groups into a super faction to rule the roost in the WWF. Shane McMahon had taken over the reins of The Corporation from father Vince who had spent weeks being tormented by The Undertaker.

Things took a personal twist when The Undertaker memorable kidnapped Stephanie McMahon before trying to marry her in the ring during a twisted ceremony presided over by Paul Bearer. Thankfully for Stephanie, help was on hand in the form of her father’s arch nemesis Stone Cold Steve Austin. A thankful Stephanie embraced Austin before Vince thanked the Texas Rattlesnake as well.

Before long, The Corporate Ministry began discussing a ‘Higher Power’ who seemed to be pulling the strings of the group from afar. Before long, the ‘Higher Power’ was to reveal themselves on Raw, and to everyone’s consternation – especially Jim Ross on commentary – the ‘Higher Power’ was revealed to be Vince McMahon himself.

Bruce Prichard discussed the story on his Something To Wrestle With podcast with co-host Conrad Thompson. During the discussion, Prichard named someone he could have seen being revealed as the ‘Higher Power’ that wouldn’t have left as many plotholes as McMahon.

Prichard said:

“Hindsight being 20-20, if it had been a little later, good lord the Big Show would’ve been awesome in that role. Just because it would’ve been new and it would’ve been a cool way to bring him in. I thought even Big Show’s debut and everything was rushed.”

The ‘Higher Power’ was revealed in June of 1999 on Raw while The Big Show debuted for the company on the 14th of February 1999 at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre event. Big Show emerged through the ring to attack Stone Cold Steve Austin during his cage match with Vince McMahon.

Credit: Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription