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Bruce Prichard Reveals His Mount Rushmore Of Wrestling Promoters

Bruce Prichard

WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard has named his own wrestling Mount Rushmore of wrestling promoters, and his first pick won’t shock you.

Over the years Prichard has worked for a variety of wrestling promotions, beginning with Houston Wrestling under the tutelage of Paul Boesch before moving on to WWE over various spells.

Speaking on his Something to Wrestle podcast, Bruce Prichard was asked to put together a Mount Rushmore of wrestling promoters, and his first pick was the man he’s worked closest to over the last three decades:

Vince [McMahon] obviously, I think Vince is number one. I do have to put Boesch on there because Paul was a true promoter. You have to view it through the eyes of who was a promoter, who was a marketer, who was a booker. Paul was a promoter’s promoter. Vince McMahon Sr. was a promoter.”

“Jim Barnett, Jim was a promoter and as years went on, Jim Crockett was the guy who owned a business, Jim [Crockett] didn’t promote. Dusty Rhodes was a promoter, even though Dusty didn’t have that moniker, that’s what Dusty did. So that would probably be it, the two Vince’s, Paul and Dusty.”

While many might speculate on what will happen to WWE once Vince McMahon moves on but Bruce Prichard has previously said he thinks McMahon could run the company for years to come yet.

h/t Wrestling Inc.