Bruce Prichard Claims Vince McMahon Hasn’t Had Any Creative Input – Yet

Vince McMahon in WWE office

Vince McMahon isn’t currently involved with WWE creative, according to long-time associate Bruce Prichard.

Rumours have been rife about McMahon’s true involvement within the company since he forced his way back onto the Board of Directors in January. While the official line is that the Executive Chairman is back in the fold to help facilitate a sale and help with media rights negotiations, many believe he has also been having input in creative.

However, while appearing on The Press Box, WWE Executive Prichard claimed that McMahon hasn’t been involved. Yet.

“He hasn’t yet. He made it to one TV and really had nothing to say other than, ‘great show, thank you guys.’ In that regard, he is busy working on the business end of things and has given us free rein on the creative end of things to handle it. I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far,”

Vince McMahon To Attend WrestleMania 39

It has already been confirmed that Vince McMahon will be in attendance for WrestleMania. To date, McMahon has only attended one WWE event since returning to the company, but it was believed that this was something of a test for future appearances.

McMahon was backstage at the March 6th episode of Monday Night Raw where John Cena returned to the red brand.

It is unknown whether McMahon will be appearing on-screen at WrestleMania, or if he will remain in the background. McMahon hasn’t appeared on WWE television since June 2022 when he introduced Cena on Raw, celebrating 20 years since his main roster debut.

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