Brothers of Destruction Film To Open At The Austin Film Festival

Brothers of Destruction

A brand new film focusing on the ‘Brothers of Destruction’ will premiere at the Austin Film Festival, in Texas, as reported by PWInsider.

The film will cover the intertwining careers of The Undertaker and Kane and will feature at its heart, a candid conversation between ‘The Phenom’ and ‘The Big Red Machine’ as they discuss their legendary tenures in WWE.

The Undertaker and Kane have a storied history together. ‘Taker’s long lost brother, Kane debuted at Badd Blood: In Your House 18 on October 5, 1997 and finally clashed with his elder sibling in a classic match-up at WrestleMania XIV. Their feud continued in an infamous Inferno Match at Unforgiven: In Your House, the following month.

Over the course of the next two decades, the ‘Brothers of Destruction’ were fierce rivals and close allies, leaving chaos in their wake.

The new film will offer a fascinating look into the pair’s long careers and legacies, with exclusive insight from the men behind the enduring characters.

The 27th annual Austin Film Festival, runs from October 22 to October 29 at the Paramount Theatre. The documentary will be screened on the final night.

The film will then premiere on the WWE Network on November 15, as part of ’30 Days of The Deadman’, a month-long celebration, marking the 30-year anniversary of The Undertaker’s WWE debut at the 1990 Survivor Series.