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Bronson Reed On Reaction To WWE Release – “I Was In Shock And Awe”

Bronson Reed

Former NXT Superstar Bronson Reed has recalled his reaction to receiving their release from WWE, saying they thought they were being primed for the main roster.

Reed was released from his WWE contract on August 6th as part of ongoing budget cuts in the company that has seen several mass releases take place in 2021.

Before his release, however, Bronson Reed had competed in dark matches before RAW and SmackDown with many believing he was being prepared for a spot on either the red or blue brand.

Now the man who once held the NXT North American Championship has discussed his reaction to receiving the phone call confirming he was being cut loose by the company with Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast:

“It was definitely shock. I got the call while I was watching SmackDown. I was under the impression the last few months with WWE that I would be moving to a SmackDown or a RAW. When I got the call, I assumed it was about going to RAW or going to SmackDown. I was quite happy on the phone and ready to hear that news. When the call was that I was getting released, that mood completely changed. I was in shock and awe. I made sure to question why and they didn’t really give me a reason at all, which is even more frustrating, because then you question yourself, like what happened?”

Since his release, Reed has been going by the name Jonah Rock. On his own JONAHDROME podcast, Reed recently hypothesised why he thinks he was released:

“I have no clue why they would release me other than it has something to do with look. I 100% think it has to do with body image or the fact that I was an Indie wrestler and had been wrestling for fourteen years and they are going in this new direction of hiring young talent that are athletes outside of wrestling.”

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